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April 18, 201808:09 PM
"I was suffering from pain for over 15 years. I was told that I would never ride horses let alone walk again. Lucki…
April 18, 201808:08 PM
"I was suffering from pain for over 15 years. I was told that I would never ride horses let alone walk again. Lucki…
April 16, 201807:00 PM
"DISC was formed as an outpatient center to migrate high acuity cases to an outpatient environment. We were startin…
April 28, 201703:38 PM
Do you have hip pain or need a better solution for total hip replacement? Dr. Matsuda explains the benefits and...
April 26, 201708:03 PM
Great in depth Q&A with Dr. Melamed and professional supercross athlete Jimmy Albertson Racing about his road to...
March 1, 201703:40 PM
Ever think twice about putting on high-heeled shoes? Dr. Alexis Dixon explains a few important facts to consider....
January 13, 201711:04 AM
If you're a musician, this might be music to your ears:
January 12, 201703:25 PM
Is #popcorn really healthy? There's a difference between popcorn in it's purest form and what you can buy:
January 12, 201711:15 AM
"For long distance, find a shoe with good cushioning, especially in the heel" ~ @AlexisEDixonMD
January 11, 201711:14 AM
Can you cram the requisite amount of exercise into just 2 days? There's hope for weekend warriors:
January 10, 201710:38 AM
Dr. Bulczynski weighs in on the most common winter injuries, and what parents can do to prevent them:
January 9, 201703:15 PM
"We are just at the very beginning of understanding what stem cells are." ~@DrHMelamed
January 9, 201711:50 AM
RT @JonesSocialPR: Client Dr. Andrew Bulczynski on staying safe on the slopes! @lifezette @discmd Full article: #wi…
January 9, 201711:49 AM
Congratulations to Dr. Nicola and all 14 DISC Physicians who were named 2017 Super Doctors:...
January 6, 201710:44 AM
A visual guide to the negative effects of too much sitting:...
January 5, 201711:13 AM
What should distance runners look for when picking out running shoes? Dr. Dixon has the answer:...
January 4, 201712:51 PM
Don't let travel impede your fitness. How to stay fit when you're on the road:
July 18, 201402:36 PM
Great article from Huffington post blog about the differences between people who exercise regularly ... Here's Proof That Exercise Changes EverythingWhile most of us are probably aware of the powerful benefits of regular exercise, we're clearly not all convinced: Just about 20 percent of American adults over the age of 18 meet the government's recommended guidelines when it comes to ... +1s 0 0 0
June 10, 201412:08 PM
Scientific discoveries of the past week. #science #technolgy #news   Scientific discoveries of the past week. #science #technolgy #news   +1s 6 0 0
June 2, 201412:13 PM
Exciting application of 3D printing in medical field. Scientists Use 3D Printing To Produce Blood Vessels | I Fucking Love ScienceA team of scientists based at Brigham and Women’s hospital has made significant progress towards the manufacture of blood vessels for tissue engineering using 3D bioprinting. The study has been published in Lab on a Chip. +1s 6 0 0
May 28, 201404:08 PM
Research on elderly rats suggests possible avenue for prevention of osteoporosis. Melatonin makes old bones stronger | Newsroom - McGill UniversityFaleh Tamimi, a professor in McGill's School of Dentistry, is the leader of a research team that has just discovered that melatonin supplements make bones stronger in elderly rats and therefore, potentially, in elderly humans too. “Old rats are tedious ... +1s 6 0 0
May 22, 201412:37 PM
Our very own Dr. Hooman Melamed was featured on The Doctors last week, talking about... Dr. Hooman Melamed on The Doctors: Discusses Scoliosis and Spinal FusionThe Doctors | Part One , Part Two |  Orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Hooman Melamed was recently featured on The Doctors, discussing his patient, Kyle, 19, who developed debilitating scoliosis at age 12.… read more → +1s 7 0 0
May 19, 201401:47 PM
12 Mistakes That You Could Make When Running | Aarti InformaticsExercises help in maintaining a good health and fitness. There are some mistakes which a person does while running. +1s 6 0 0
May 15, 201412:32 PM
Dr. Gary Brazina, orthopedic surgeon, talks about runner's knee in a Universal Sports Race to... Dr. Brazina Talks Runner's Knee in New Universal Sports Race to Recovery SegmentUniversal Sports | Race to Recovery |  Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gary Brazina explains the symptoms, causes and also how to avoid runner’s knee in the newest segment for Universal Sports’ Race to… read more → +1s 6 0 0
May 12, 201405:37 PM
New medical gel grows bone tissue exactly where you need itRepairing seriously damaged bones is normally a delicate art; while you want to regrow bones quickly, you also have to carefully manage that growth to +1s 5 0 0
May 7, 201401:29 PM
Terminator-style liquid metal connects severed nerves - life - 02 May 2014 - New ScientistAn alloy that can carry weak electrical impulses could one day be placed in the body to help damaged nerves heal, after it successfully reconnected frog +1s 4 0 0

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